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Jethro Tull ‎– A Passion Play (LP)

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Side A

Act I Ronnie Pilgrim’s Funeral: A Winter’s Morning In The Cemetery

  1. Lifebeats/Prelude
  2. The Silver Cord
  3. Re-Assuring Tune

Act II The Memory Bank: A Small But Comfortable Theatre With A Cinema Screen – The Next Morning

  1. Memory Bank
  2. Best Friends
  3. Critique Oblique
  4. Forest Dance #1

Side B

  1. The Story Of The Hare Who Lost His Spectacles

Act III The Business Office Of G. Oddie And Son – Two Days Later

  1. Forest Dance #2
  2. The Foot Of Our Stairs
  3. Overseer Overture

Act IV Magus Perdé’s Drawing Room At Midnight

  1. Flight From Lucifer
  2. 10:08 To Paddington
  3. Magus Perdé
  4. Epilogue

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